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Saw that you are an expert in ventilation, so figured you would have a good idea on helping me out on a quick question.  I'm repainting a 100 year old home, cedar siding.  Had the roof redone 4 yrs ago.  When they did the roof I also had them wrap the fascia and sofit with aluminum.  They also put metal flashing on the out side corners of two second floor rooms.  Vertical flashing that covers old and new cedar.  Not sure if they did such a great job because it does cover the ends too well.  On a couple spots I can see the old wood corner it covered.  And can see the ends of the siding.  My question is, should this crack be caulked? From a moisture/ ventilation stand point, I'm just not sure if it needs to be done.  Thanks!

Thank you.  Feel free to send me photos as they may be helpful. My email is

However, I'd say that sealing these areas would not be a bad idea.  Make sure, if you're sealing at the bottom, that the top is sealed as well. You would not want water to get behind the metal and then be trapped at the bottom.

I hope this helps.

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