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QUESTION: I am working on a insurance claim for a client who had a Celotex 3 tab shingle roof installed in 1980. I know Celotex got bought out by Certenteed and cannot find the manufacturer's installation instructions for that year. Any suggestions on where to find those?

ANSWER: hi thank you for the question

Three tab shingles last 20 to 25 years. your clients roof will have to be completely teared off to the bare decking and new shingles installed. Due to that fact,  it seems irrelevant the instructions from the manufacturer on how those three tab shingles were to be installed.

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QUESTION: The installation instructions are relevant to the case, as this has been an ongoing claim. Do you know of any where I can find the installation instructions from that year? Thank you for your prompt response to my question.

Since those shingles have been discontinued, I do not know where you can find the installation instructions.

However, the instructions for 3 tab installation is pretty much the same for all brands. These include:
1. 3 fasteners or nails for each shingle.
2. Fasteners must be installed in the middle of the adhesive strip.
3. Shingle should overlap the eaves and rakes by 1/4 inch.
4. Shingles should never be installed over spaced sheathing or over wood shakes.
5. Shingles should never be installed over existing shingles as the warranty will not be valid. Although many codes allow up to 3 layers as long as there are no wood shakes underneath.

I hope this helps.

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