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I have a ranch house, with a gutter length of 54 feet. Alcoa gutters were on the house, with a 3 inch gap in the center, which was connected with a piece of rubber. This area has leaked from time to time, and resealed. It now has a slight ridge, and is leaking once more.
Can you recommend any way to stop the leak, or should the whole gutter be replaced with a one piece gutter?

One piece gutters are nice because they don't leak. But you can't transport a 54' gutter. There are companies that will come out to your site and make it right on site in a few minutes but It's not easy moving a 54' gutter around and raising it into place. You would need at least 3 people, maybe 4 to support it at different points to keep it from bending.
When you have two pieces of gutter the seam will move. The house will expand and contract so having a seam will always be a problem. One solution is that you can't slope a 54' gutter or the low side will be a foot below the high side so you do two sections with the seam in the center and making that the high point. So each half flows towards the end on that side. With the seam being at the high point all water flows away from the seam so it does not get a lot of water or water won't lay there.



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