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Hi, I had a new roof put on. IKO Cambridge AR shingles. After one month a big hump started where new plywood was put down and it goes from the gutter to the peak of the roof. Called roofer and he told me that three months of summer heat and it will go down. If not, he would redo. Now it is April And I called him and he said he is not redoing it and he is not responsible for the structure of my roof underneath. I have lived in the house over 30 years and I  did not have any problems with humps. There is another line going up of a hump but not as bad. This is only happening where the 38 pieces of plywood were put.The roofer came out last Saturday and nailed the shingles down and placed sealer? over the nails. My question is there something wrong with the plywood he put down? Warping? Clips? Is this a sign that something is wrong underneath and will get worse as time goes on? Will it cancel out a warranty on the shingles if I have a problem down the line because of the repair? What do you think I should do if anything?
Thank you , Jim
Thank you, Jim

These questions are impossible to answer without seeing the job; but from what you've said it doesn't sound good.

My best advice would be to hire a local roofing contractor and pay him to for a written roof inspection, no need for a back story, just tell him you want a written report with pictures regarding the overall condition of the roof. This report should cost you around $250.

Once armed with a detailed inspection report you can figure out what needs to happen, wether it be repairs or a complete replacement of the job.

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