I recently had the roof replaced on my property using GAF roof system. The contractor removed all of the siding on my dormers, as well as trim around the windows and removed a large decorative moulding which was discarded in the dumpster before I could save it. There were also 3 clapboards removed from the intersection of flat roof to the gable end of the building.

They are telling me it's my responsibility to replace the siding and trim. I contend if it was removed in order to make the job watertight, it's their responsibility to replace whatever was taken off.

I did pay an additional $1100 to replace rotted sheathing and rafter ends, although there was a huge waste material, I agreed to pay it as it was in the contract. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated, thank you, George

The contract:
Carefully tear off and remove all existing cedar shakes from entire roof of home
and detached cottage. Install new GAF Ltd. Lifetime Timberline High Definition
architectural shingles with 130mph manufacturer wind warranty, and GAF
Shingle-MATE roof deck protection underlayment over same. Install new metal
edging around perimeter edge of roof. New GAF Weather Watch Ice and Water
Shield will be installed in any existing valleys, around all large penetrations, and
along all eaves. Roof will be nail gunned using 1-1/4" galvanized roof nails (6 nails
per shingle). Install new GAF Weather Blocker starter strip along all perimeter
edges. Install new pipe flashings. Carefully cut in and install 2 new copper
chimney flashing. Reseal chimney flashings (if any). Install new GAF Cobra rolled
ridge vent across peak of roof. Install new GAF TimberTex hip and ridge shingles
across peaks and hips of roof. Carefully tear off all rubber over 2 upper low
sloped roofs. Install New GAF Liberty SBS Self-Adhering Low Slope roof system
over 2 upper low sloped roofs, where rubber was removed. Carefully tuck new
GAF Liberty SBS Self-Adhering Low Slope roof under shingles to proper height.
Carefully replace 3 skylights on cottage roof with new Velux Fixed skylights with
Low E and Argon gas insulation. All premises will be left neat and clean upon
completion of job. Yard will be magnetically swept upon completion of job.
Shingle Color:___________________________________
Shingle Style:________________________________
Color of Liberty Low Sloped roof:______________________
(Black, Hickory, Shakewood, Slate, Tan, Weathered Wood, White)
Weathered Wood
Camelot Designer Shingles
Charge Name Description Charge
NOTE: Interior trim around new skylights may need to be replaced and is not
included in this contract.
NOTE: Any rotten wood & flashings found may be replaced for an additional
charge covering labor and material.
NOTE: Customer should cover any valuables in attic before installation.

Hi George,

This is a tough one and I don't want to get in the middle of an owner/contractor dispute.

The contract doesn't address the concern of replacing any siding. It's always best to bring these types of issues up while it's happening so both parties can come to an agreement before the job is complete.   We've run into this and and we try to replace any siding or stucco that was removed during the roofing processes but it's usually minimal.   
My suggestion would be to try and work something out with the contractor, maybe meet each other half way.

Hope this helps a little and best of luck!


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