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I have a small flat roof above psrt of my garage.Size is 4'X18' with no leak.Has rubber for the roof now.Is there a liquid tar or some other product that I should be putting on it like once a year?I am interested in maintenance of the roof to prevent future leakage. I live in Minnesota.Thanks!

The roof is small so I assume you have no Laps or joints in the membrane.. The membrane should easily last 20 plus years  Coatings are available for EPDM membranes.  Search the web under EPDM membrane coatings. It is basically a pool liner outside will even take ponding water.
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My 33 years in the building science business has involved air barriers, waterproofing, and flat & steep slope roofing systems.


My roofing encompasses commercial systems (BUR, mod-bit, single-ply) and residential applications (asphalt shingles, cedar shingles, slate and metal. I am cognizant of code stipulations in regards to FM and UL for commercial roofs.

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