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I have a gable roof with a 8/12 pitch.
The back of the house runs N to S & the front runs E to W.
I am using 3 tab shingles.

Where can I find a COMPLETE video on how to do a woven valley with the info above?
I would be willing to pay for a video if necessary.
I receives 1 answer that said...I don't answer homework questions!?
   I am a home owner & need some help with my project.
I am a senior doing the roofing myself.
This has nothing to do with homework!

Thank you & GOD bless.

Hello and God's blessings to you as well!

I am a metal roof guy so I can't help a lot with this.  However, when I googled for "woven valley installation roofing video" a few videos did some up including:

Perhaps something in those will help you.

Additionally, it is always important to follow manufacturer instructions.  I would suggest going to the manufacturer of your shingle with this request to see what they may have.

Thanks for your question.

Please contact me anytime.

Todd Miller


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