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Hi this is not really a roofing question but deals with corragated metal. I am building my own bar, i am putting corragted metal on the outside of it, and i want to cut a hole in the middle of one of the sheets and make it a door. My concern is the sharp edges all around the door and the inside of the door. Do you have any recomendations on how to make the edges not razor sharp? i saw on the internet possibly a deburring tool would help? thank you in advance for your help.


Hi Mike,

You are right about the sharp edges.  your suggestion of a burring tool may well work but here are a couple other suggestions you might find usefull:

- A round file may be easier to manipulate over the corrugations
- A drum shaped abrasive wheel with a sand paper facing you can attach to your drill is really easy and fast.   You may need more than one if your door is large.
- A round or cone shaped stone abrasive wheel for your drill.  Make sure to get a fine grit.
- Another suggestion is to place small tubing over the edges.  That is really safe.  Something like automotive black tubing at the auto parts store that is carefully cut the full length and placed over the cut ends.

Hopefully some of those suggestions are helpful.  Good luck!!



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