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Hi D John
Last year I had new roofing and soffits, faccia, and gutters installed. I am very happy with it, and it handled all last summers rain, and this springs snow melt. Recently we had a short but heavy rainfall. I was surprised to see the water was flowing right over the gutter in the front. I got up on the ladder, which is tough for me at my age and condition, and the downspout was plugged where it connects to the eavestrough. The leaves were old and mushy, so were probably from last fall. I was surprised because this had never happened before with the old spouts, but my house is surrounded by large poplar trees, and the trees in the neighbourhood itself are now starting to mature. I have heard that cleaning gutters is a yearly spring ritual in some neighbourhoods.
I decided to contact the roofing company, and they suggested gutter guards. They are not cheap, about $400 for guards and install, but they look sturdy, are aluminum and match the gutters. Do you think this was a good idea?

There are various types of gutter guards available.
Some are a metal screen, foam insert that fills the gutter and lets water in and nothing else, curved metal cover that allows water to run in but leaves with water to run off.

I know Home Depot of Loews may carry something like this.
Depending on the lineal feet of gutter would depend on the price. Ask for a price breakdown of materials and labour. May not be too bad. I know I paid $200 to have a roofer replace $10 of wind blown off shingles last fall.

Hope this helps.
Check out these websites for info and availability.
Alu-Rex Pro Series (Cda) 

Crane Products Ltd. (Gutter guard system) 

DCI (Gutter Protection) 

Englehart- Leaf Guard 

E-Z Gutter Manufacturing 

Gutter Filter           

Gutter Glove

GutterGuard Pro 

Gutter Helmet by Infinity 

Gutter Topper   (Eavestrough Guard) 


Leak Relief 


Rhino Gutter Guard-Cda 

Safe Flow Wave/ Leaf Defier 


Waterloo Products (Gutter protection) 


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