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I recently had a new asphalt roof installed on a 50 year old home, The house had two layers of shingles and required a complete tear off. The old roof had three roof vents and many soffit vents.          Dispite the age of the last roof ( about 25 years}  I did not have any curled shingles so I assumed the ventilation was good and the snow did not melt off the roof.  The roofer I had for the new roof did away with the three roof vents and installed a ridge vent. He said that was more than adequate.  However, I went up in the attic crawl space to check and I did not see any vent holes where the plywood meets the main support beam.  I am wondering if this was done correctly..  Shouldn't I be able to see the ridge vent vent hole from the underside of the roof?  If so , how do I correct this problem?   Can I drill holes from underside of the roof so hot air can escape.  I should add this is a hip roof so there are not any gable vents and I live in the Northeast.  Your help is greatly appreciated

You should contact the roofer that installed the roofing and have him come out, remove the ridge shingles and ridge vent, and cut back the plywood from the top, then reinstall the ridge vent and ridge shingles (replace any that have been damaged). For the ridge vent to work properly there must be a space for air to escape the attic between the plywood and the main beam. I wouldn't try to drill holes as you could quite easily damage the ridge vent, and now you are replacing it at your own cost.
Contact the roofer and have him properly install the ridge vent that you paid him to do.
Good job for checking!


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