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Hi -- I had a roofer replace gutters on my home last spring.  I live in CO and we had snow afterward, and I noticed icicles formed between the gutters and the roof (outside) in several areas.  I had never seen this before, anywhere I lived, so I asked the PM about it (sent photos) and he said it had something to do with expansion/contraction of snow (or something).  Then we had rain and the water leaked through in those same areas.  I called PM again and got an earful of how it's not them.  I have since had another roofing company take a look - they said I needed to go back to original company and ask them to take care of it.  Well, I've spoken with the original company again, and they came out and took photos.  Now they say they can retrofit the drip edge for a fee (supposedly they're offering me 50% reduction in price, covering their costs only).  How do I know if they're being fair?  Should I hire an independent inspector to determine if that is indeed what I need to do?


It sounds as though your case would be best handled by a local independent consultant that can visually assess the gutter installation (go to for a consultant in your area).  There are a few things that could have been botched which are resulting in your dripping water behind the gutter.  Some of this could have been the fault of the contractor, or simply an unavoidable condition that would require additional previously unanticipated work which the contractor should have notified you of at the time they discovered it.

The expansion and contraction theory is really weak and makes me skeptical of your contractor's ethics.  If that was the case there would be icicles hanging on all the other houses in all of Colorado, or perhaps these effects are somehow recently more prevalent on your home than everywhere else in the country (coincidentally changing right around the time they replaced your gutters).  50% is a pretty hefty goodwill reduction for scope they left out of their original scope, so either the PM is really sorry for giving you lip or they are trying to smooth the books on repairing an improper initial installation.

If you have a photo of the existing condition taken from above the top edge of the gutter  that shows the back leg of the gutter and the edge of the shingles perhaps I can offer an opinion of the fairness of the contractors new proposal.

Sorry for your troubles,

Bruce Ryan II, RRO
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