Bruce Hi I live in NY and in the process of replacing shingles. The roof has vents on the peaks and 4 vents centered directly on the roof sorounded by shingles. I just received a quote and the roofer wants  to remove the centered roof vents and place vents undrrneath in the eaves.  What are the propper place to place the vents to be benifical.  Thank you Ken


Your contractor may be removing the jack style vents near the ridge of the roof and replacing them with a continuous ridge vent.  Check his proposal again, if not the venting at the ridge should not be abandoned.  Adding ventilation into the attic space from the soffit (under the eaves) is a fantastic idea as building code generally requires 50% of the passive ventilation to come from the lower portion of the roof.  It has to be combined with gable vents or ridge oriented vents.  He has to make sure that there is clear air flow into the attic space from the soffit, this will generally require repositioning and baffling of the insulation.

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