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we have a manufactured home, built in jan, 1 2002., it is 1813 sq. ft., double wide of course, we're getting a new roof put on soon, , the way these  homes arte constr. , ok., we have 1x2 trusses,spaced at 2 ft. apart, they better be no more than that, anyway, I need to know , 1 inch thick pine sheeting, is too heavy for this kind of construction?, can we go with 3 quarter inch pine decking, and still be safe?, plus  there putting in a ridge vent, that's needed, , and 1 layer of 3 tab asphalt shingles, we get several ft. of snow here , most winters and , sometimes ice., we do need to get a sturdier decking, to prevent any sags, please help, I want the best, and safest course to go here, thank you , very much for your time, ruth dickey.

I'd need more info or pictures. 3/4" board should be sufficient. You're only looking to hold people and snow on the roof and not refrigerators. I don't know what a double wide home means. If you get a lot of snow be sure the roof has enough slope for shingles. Low slopes will leak with shingles.



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