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Hi Tom, I recently replaced my asphalt roof shinlges. The new shingles are constantly breaking down and creating a mess. Do you have any experience or have any thoughts on the techniseal or other brand polymeric coating to protect the shingles from deteriorating. or if you know/have experience with any  other product.

When shingle roofs are first installed they go through a period of shedding granules;  this only lasts for a few months and then the roof will enter a long period where the shedding stops.
There is no need to apply any type of sealer or coating to keep the granules in place, what grains fall off are granules that were not embedded in the shingle surface and are excess anyway.
After the shedding stops you will enter a period of 15 to 30 years where very few granules fall off, as the roof nears the end of it's life it will start to shed again.  


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