QUESTION: important is it to have gutters on the house? where I live, many new houses have no gutters, but the older ones do. do you happen to know the reason for that? I have always thought gutters were important, but now not so sure. what is your opinion on this or don't do? thank you!

ANSWER: The main purpose of gutters is to get water away from the house so that it doe snot end up in basements and crawl spaces.  If a home is built on a slab, this is less of an issue obviously. At that point, the main benefit of gutters is to avoid wrecking and flooding out flower beds, shrubbery, etc that is locate near the house. It then becomes a personal choice.  I would not have a home without gutters. There is an alternative product called Rainhandler which basically disperses the water away from the home ... if a home is on a slab, I'd be comfortable with that product.

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QUESTION: thank you for your advice on Rainhandler...who would install that for me? roofer? thank you again!

ANSWER: The Rainhandler is a pretty simple install.  Much simpler than gutters.  I would probably have a siding / fascia / soffit installer do the work as they are accustomed to details and making things look nice.

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QUESTION: hi..believe it or not, i cannot find one single person around here that has even heard of Rainhandler, let alone installing it. home depot seems to be a maybe, but i have read customer complains, and from what was said, home depot, from a standpoint of quality work, leave a lot to be desired. the old gutters were put in wrong. they are supposed to slant down so all the rain water drains out, but all i have ever seen on those gutters after a rain was standing water; makes me think the angle the gutters were installed was all wrong; if done right, all the water should drain out and no standing water should be left, correct?

I am not at all surprised you have not found anyone with experience with Rainhandler.  It is not a common product. However, it is not a complicated product and as I have said before, any siding contractor, gutter guy, or good general handyman should be able to read the instructions and install it.  

With normal gutters, there should not be much standing water ... not unusual over time for gutters to sag sone and get some spots where a little water stands.  Eventually that will keep getting worse, requiring them to be replaced.


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