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         I have a roof in need of shingle replacements and possibly a few sheets of deck boards because we had about 10-12 shingles that went flying off the roof recently because of high wind. That being said, I had the 2 biggest home improvement companies give me a quote on the work and although they both promised to do the work in similar ways I need some help understanding the better choice by sifting thru the details.
Both will remove existing shingles; inspect roof deck replace as necessary at additional charge, (5 included FREE), Cut and install Ridge vent package.

However, (though some of these might mean the same thing to a knowledgeable person) hereís the breakdown of the remaining items
Company 1          
Install drip edge flashing around perimeter of roof.       
Install new brown aluminum flashing around any chimneys.
Company 2
Install at all eaves areas

Company 1   
Install new boot flanges around vent pipes.
Company 2
Replace one pipe flange   (not sure of the difference between boot flange & a flange)

Company 1   
Install 6 ft of ice and water shield up from all eves and 3 feet at rakes, around chimney, at junction where roof meets siding.
Company 2
Install Wheatherloc Ice and water barrier 6ft from all eaves

Company 1   
Install 30lb felt paper to cover remaining exposed decking.
Company 2
Deck Defense synthetic underlayment on all non-ice shielded areas (which I believe is the equivalent of 30lb or better according to the rep!.. )

Company 1   
Install Pro-starter strip around perimeter of roof line.
Company 2
Starter shingles as needed at eave      
(Iím concerned as to what should be the proper approach here ! please advise)

Company 1   
Install architectural roofing shingles with 6 nails per.
Company 2
Special Owens Corning system where the nails has a flat washer around it which is supposed to be better and prevent incorrect nailing and therefore requires 4 nails vs 6.

Company 1   
Install Hip & Ridge shingles.
Company 2
Owen Corning True Definition Duration shingles

Iím also concerned about the warranty difference and am hoping you can provide a quick evaluation based on the info Iíve provided because of course we my luck itís now spring and itís going to rain all week.

ANSWER: Hello,
Yes they are stating the same thing just worded differently.  The only differences I see are some of  the materials but that's normal because every roofing contractor has their favorites.   The only system i'm not sure about is the special nails so they use 4 rather than 6.  We're located in Florida and the building code requires 6 nails per shingle but this may be different else where.  I'm just not familiar with Owens Corning.

I always suggest going with a roofing company that is certified by a shingle manufacturer.  They have to pass strict criteria to partner with the manufacturer and gives the roofer the ability to offer better workmanship warranties.  GAF has their Master Elite program which I think is the best, Owens Corning has their Platinum Preferred Contractor program and CertainTeed has one too.  You should be able to search for local contractors with these certifications from their websites by entering your zip code.

Best of luck and hope this helped,
Jesse Curry
Vice President
Roofing by Curry
Sarasota, FL

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your prompt response, do you have any suggestions regarding warranties? Any questions I should be asking to protect myself? Is it usually only the material or both the warranty and material.

Ask them how many years the workmanship warranty is for.  The workmanship warranty should cover any leaks and installation defects.  The material or shingle warranty is from the manufacturer and only cover manufacturer defects.
That's why we recommend manufacture certified contractors because they can offer longer warranty's that are backed by the manufacturer. In the future if the contractor you choose goes out of business the manufacturer will step in and get the repairs done.



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