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We have been notified that the shingles on our roof have been losing their sanding - no definitive cause, but original contractor says could be due to storm and hail damage.  We were asked to contact Celotex regarding this issue.  Our roof has a 25 yr. warranty and is now 20 yrs old.  We are asking if we have any recourse with Celotex due to faulty shingles?

Hail damage is a common scam since it gets the roofer a full roof and the if he works with the owner to get the roof free from the insurance company he's guaranteed the roof. But you probably do not have hail damage. Hail damage will leave dents. Your roof is 20 years old so granules will start to wash off by 20 years. Many insurance companies will only see this as a cosmetic issue and won't pay anyway. The granules are only to give the shingles their color. The insurance company will send someone out to inspect the roof. They won't just take the roofer's word on it unless he's got a good scam going with the insurance agent.

When you have bad shingles most guarantees pro-rate the shingles and they only pro-rate the material (shingles) and not the labor. Most of the cost of a roof is labor so after 20 years you're not going to get much back in a claim. If it was hail damage then that can't be faulty shingles. If they are faulty shingles then it can't be due to hail damage.

You're at the upper end of the lifespan of the roof. If the insurance company gave you a new roof at 20 years you'd wind up with 45 years of shingles for your original price. They're not going to do that. But you can try



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