I have a flat roof over the garage that is attached to the house.  It also has sides that go vertical 3 feet up on 3 sides of the garage.  Don't ask me why?  It is a strange house. It  is an area of 25' x 30'.   There is black mold on  the ceiling in 2 different places.  What would be best to do?  Do i need to take the whole roof off and replace it?  I was thinking of patching it and then using Elastomeric roof coatings by Henry I saw at HD.  One roofing guy came over and said it would be $550 to patch and it would last a year or so or to redo, it would cost $4800. I do not have that much money.  Any suggestions?  How long would it take also?  I live in Alaska and this is the rainy season.  It has rained every day for the last 8 days.  Snow will start flying about the 2nd week in october.


If you have mold on the ceiling then you have a leak. A leak can be something as simple as a nail hole that you can fix for $1 worth of materials or it could be a completely rotted roof and it finally sprung a leak. You will have to try to determine what you have. $550 to patch, $4800 for a roof sounds like they're using gold. If you think you can find the hole then fix it yourself with a little cement and fabric. Then you can aluminum coat the roof yourself to try to preserve what you have. You shouldn't have to spend more than $100-$125. Do you have pictures? If so send them to me at



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