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Roofing/flat roof and Hydro stop


Sam wrote at 2007-12-18 20:38:50
Hydro-Stop  makes products to address the entire building envelope ( foundations, walls, decks, and roofs) Thier Premium Coat System Is a class 1 roof system as designated by Factory Mutual Systems testing.  It has achieved a 4470 approval which qualifies it as a roof system over concrete, metal, existing BUR, EPDM, Lightweight concrete, Foam, and ridgid insulation boards as well as others including plywood. This Manufacturer is the only manufacturer that I know of that extends its warranty to residential properties as well as commercial and industrial.  They have a 10 year "LEAK FREE" warranty that is renewable every ten years.  So what you really have is a lifetime warranty so long as you continue to renew the warranty which requires you to maintain your roof.

While the Premium Coat System appears like many other "Coating Systems"  it does differ vastly in performance on your roof. For Instance, coatings are generally applied for reflective purposes and are not designed to be a weather barrier.

James wrote at 2010-11-26 19:26:53
I am James with Presley Roofing out of Mobile Alabama. We did a roof very similar to what you are describing. We did have to spud up all loose gravels and remove. Then pressure wash entire roof to remove all dust. Then  we had to foam glue and mechanically fasten an inch and a half faced iso insulation board over the existing roof. Then the hydrostop premium system was put over this. I hope this helps.    James

Happy roofer wrote at 2015-07-03 03:07:46
As a roofing contractor I am familiar with Acrylics, Silicone and epoxy coatings. After extensive research I went with Novatuff epoxy system because it works in ponding water and applies to anything except silicone.

I used it on a shopping centers and a major building in a major city center. The roof had a epdm roof that had leaked for years and this product resolved all leaking issues. It is much stronger and has proven to hold up better and longer than any other coating. After using Novatuff I will not use anything else. You can see their website at


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