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Roofing/lifespan of felt paper

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You should never have a felt underlayment on tile, building code calls for a "peel and seal" type and that is the ONLY underlayment that can be used. The older built up style underlayment (from 70's -early 90's) tend to dry out, shrink and crack but the time dram has so many factors an average age is difficult to determine. I have seen 5 year old roofs fail and 30 year old ones in great condition. The tile itself is concrete and if properly maintained could last a lifetime. When debris gather on a roof and are not removed, when they decompose they create an acidic residue that eats away at all roofing components, as well as the detrimental effects of mold and mildew. I suggest using a company to reseal the roof periodically. Locally (Tampa fl area) the best is liquid roofer and I bieleve they have other locations. They also have a system to surgically reseal tile roof underlayment but I have never seen it in action personally. You can always wash, reseal all vulnerable spots with a brushable caulk, and then spray coat with a two part elastomeric which should give you another decade or two for 20 cents on the dollar. Just be aware of people improperly painting roofs, that turns into a nightmare.  


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