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Roofing/pitch for metal roof


Darvault wrote at 2014-05-22 20:09:49
I am from Australia.  Blue scope recommend a minimum pitch of1:12 I have never seen problems with that  The sheets should be laid starting from the side furthest away from the prevailing wind.  There are no standing seems on corrugated iron.  If you were worried about leaks I would put a very thin strip of sealant on the top of the last corrugation before laying the next sheet over it.  I have never heard of this being done.  The only problem I have experienced is at the top of the slope water can run back along the underside of each corrugation and drip off at the first purlin.  To stop this I bend the bottom of the corrugation down about one eighth of an inch with pliers or a piece of metal rod with a slot cot in one end.


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