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My knockout rose leaves are turning brown and getting holes. We can not see any insects and have treated for insects.Need suggestions on what might be wrong.

Hello Lois,

The brown leaves could be the season. Roses in our area do not know if they need to grow or slow down in October.    Unless the entire bush is turning brown; then you might want to make sure moles and voles are not an issue under ground.  

If the holes are in the middle of the leaf, it could be slugs.  What did you spray the roses with?  

If the holes are on the edges, it is most likely grass hoppers.  They are everywhere this time of year and it takes alot of spray to get them under control.

Please ask back if you need more help.




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Since I work with roses professionally and as a hobby, I am comfortable answering most rose growing/ culture questions. I am knowledgeable in both issues most rose growers face: to spray or not to spray roses. I am familiar with all insect and diseases that can afflict roses. If there is any question that I may not be comfortable with, it would be roses grown in extreme cold climates.


My experience involves 12 years plus of growing roses for both a city-owned rose garden (approx. 4,800 plants) as well as a home rose garden (approx 200 plants). This includes daily maintenance and care to keep these plants doing what they are bred to do- produce roses. Besides being in the garden, I lecture to different rose societies about choosing the correct roses to grow in their area and general information about rose care. Most of my lectures are in the Southeast but I will be speaking at the American Rose Society’s convention in Los Angeles this October. I even go to schools to talk to students about the scientific process of hybridizing roses in hopes of getting them interested in roses and gardening in general.

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