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Hi- I recently read on your site while researching this breed of rose that it was introduced in 1964. I distinctly remember as a 3-4 Y.O.child in Scotland in the 40's, my grandfather letting me smell a rose in someone's garden. That fragrance stayed with me all my life-and helped me get that particular rose when I finally had a garden. Can your expert explain how it was only bred or intro'd in '64 yet I remember it from my childhood?
Thank You

Hello Shields,

Europe was well advanced for rose hybridization in the 40's.  The rose you remembered was most likely a European variety that had a strong fragrance and similar color to Mr.Lincoln.

From what I have found about Mr. Lincoln, it was a seedling that Mr.Swim had in the 60's.

No chance you know the name of the rose from your childhood?

Hope that helps.



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