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i guess my question is pretty simple....i've been looking into choosing a rose bush to add a little color to my garden.

the difficulty lies in whether it can survive or not :-)

i live near the coast in Donegal, ireland. the soil is good but quite wet as it rains more often than not, we've got high winds and it can get pretty cold. Native trees and shrubs thrive (blackthorn/hawthorn) but as i say i was hoping for a bit of color. Anything delicate does not last long.

its an open garden with not much shelter as most of the planting is a few years the deciduous tress will improve shelter though.

preferably i would like something i can plant alongside a trellis. I was looking at the rose "Masquerade" which is described as "hardy". However on reading about roses a lot seem to suffer in cold snaps....i was hoping i could get a little advice as i am new to roses.

is there a particularly tough rose? :-)

Many thanks.

Beautiful isn\'t it?
Beautiful isn't it?  
There are several things you will need to know about roses. First off, are there any folks around that are growing roses?
Talk with them. Next, the hardest thing for roses is how well it handles winters. You will need to protect it by covering. Usually covering with hay during the winter months. Every year the rose will do better and better. Then, another important issue is to protect from wind. You can use the house, to protect from wind while giving it the greatest exposure to the sun. ( morning sun is more important then evening sun). Also, too much water will cause problems. I am not familiar with the variety you mention. Why you choose that? I would look into heirloom roses especially those grown in your area of the world. Do a search, use the country along with roses, like   What Heirloom Roses can i grow in Donegal, Ireland? I found a lot of info on Google as to vareties.  I would try a few and see whitch ones do best.
Hope this helps you.
I am here to help you.
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