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Roses/Pink Knockout Roses in Clay Soil?


I am buying 2 Pink Knockout Roses to plant in my backyard.  They will no doubt get 5-6 hours of direct sunlight.  My question is, Will it be ok to plant them in the Clay Soil directly, Or do I need to mix it peat mo and cut grass (Cousin says I can even drop banana peels into the hole).  And should I fill the hole with Muscle Grow for the blooming.  Please bare with me, I'm not a gardener by no means, but the nursery claims the knockout roses are extremely easy to care for ;)

I live in Upstate, NY - I'm hoping that I can take care of these beautiful roses. Also does the color matter?Red versus Pink, in the sense of that were to fade (again, newbie here).

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Yes these roses are easy to care for provided:
1. you do not plant them in directly to clay soil. bad. they will  not survive that. Instead buy the best organic potting soil you can find. I use happy frog (yes thats the name) but you should use what ever organic potting soil is available. I am hoping you did not plant it yet?
make the hole twice the size of the soil/container it comes in.
add the following if you can get it
1. a cup of rock dust for minerals
2. as much coffee grinds as you can get in the hole, mixed with the potting soil.
3. as a cup or two of any natural liquid seaweed.
4.fill with water
5. allow to drain a little bit so soil is muddy
plant the rose, not too deep but at same level tat it was in container
6. again water it in well then top dress with the potting soil
7 add a thin layer of acid mulch.
dont over water or under water.. figure out what it needs
keep water to drip or soaker

btw rose will need min 6 to 8 hrs light.

protect during winter time by covering

red vs pink?
i like em both.
red sometimes fade to pink

make sure you feed it regularly.

visit my website for more rose info

happy growing
andy lopez
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