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Hi, I am moving and need to transplant my huge rose plant. It's a "Weeks" rose and it is called "Sunset Celebration".  I have read that it should be about 3 to 5 feet tall but mine is almost 12 and she produces roses the size of desert plates.  The take a few weeks to form buds the it's worth it.  I don't know why she is so large.  I planted it on the corner of a flowerbed by itself ab out 3 years ago right in the pot it came in from the nursery.  She was normal until the second summer when she became gigantic.  She is sheltered from wind about 6ft away from a large tree and a roady behine it plus the house wall os on her right side.  
She gets sun through most of the day but the latter half is just the top of her that gets sun because of the house and another tree on the ourside of the fence.  the rest of our yard is lined with poplar trees squished together about 12 fet away from her.
We are moving to a large yard where she can get full sun and I am hoping it will make her sprout out wider and become more full.  Last year she only had a few stems, This year she has more and I think it is because we cut the tree down more and have a lot more sunny days.  I haven't even fed her yet just put some more soil on top.
Where should I plant her in the new place to keep her size and large flowers?  We live in Marysville Washington, so we get a lot of rain and usually not a lot of sun.  Everyone is confused why she is so large and I just give her flower food from the nursery.  I do feed her usually every 3 days but last year I was more sparce and haven't fed her at all this year.
I am not very resourceful onlin4e so if you could please send any questions and the answer to my email I would really appreciate it.  
The largest space I could dig up to take with is probablyt 2ft by 2ft.  The soil she is in now is pretty clay like but I dug most of that up when we put her in and mixed it half and half with the miracle grow soil and some left over lawn fertizler in a bag we used to seed the yard.
I am also at a loss of how to cut the flowers for a vase and have them last.  And if there are other buds when to cut them to add also. I can send a picture from my email, this website is having a problem uploading it.
Thank you so much

another organic rose
another organic rose  
Plant in a protected place from wind. well draining...
make sure she gets sun all day.

never use a lawn fertilizer on roses!

but I am guessing you have planted it already?

provide compost and a good acid mulch.

cut flowers at place where plant has 5 leaves. Trim off the leaves. Pick the bud and stem just before it starts to open.  


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