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Roses/Browning and dropping of rose buds


Im having an issue with my red pierre de ronsard climbing rose. It grows well and has healthy leaves and stems yet the buds grow to a certain point and then brown and die off, it initially done it in spring which i put down to the hot wind and now its done it again with its second flush of flowers and we are still having 44 degree celcius temps with a hot wind. Im not sure whether its the heat or some other issue.

ANSWER: More like the heat
Make sure you are not over watering
Also reduce nitrogen and increase trace minerals.
You dont say where you live but i take it is warm there?
I would spray with a milk solution to increase calcium. 1 cup milk quart water.
Do once a week, water less but longer.
Use a drip.

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QUESTION: Thankyou,
I live in rural NSW Australia, i water it  once a week  ( if i remember ) with the hose on slowly for about half hour.  The rose is espaliered with each cane well over 2 metres long, i have heavy red clay soil here as well do you think that may be an issue? If so  what would u suggest to fix the soil around the established roots?

You don't say what you are feeding your roses.
That is a mineral deficiency
Usually trace minerals esp calcium.
Clay soil would make it worse.
Try adding
Rock dust
Compost and a acid mulch.
Spray with 1 cup milk in quart water.
Use a good organic rose fertilizer and avoid high nitrogen
Allow the soil to dry in between waterings  


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