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I have a 14 year old lady banks rose that my well- meaning aunt "trimmed" for me. I fear she may have killed it.   She cut off all the limbs save a three foot section of the main stem. It is may now in SC and I can see no indication that the plant is alive. Dare I have hope? If so,how can I enhance chances for my plant's recovery and survival.

Hope is always good.
There is always a chance that some part of it will start to grow.
here is what you can do to help it along.
Did you know that you can spray the trunk and it will absorb nutrients?
So here is what you should do.

I created a product called Superseaweed. Invented it in the 6th grad. Micro nutrients along with proper NPK and over 100 micros.
So Either you can pick up a bottle of my Supseaweed from my store at or you can buy any of the following and mix together:
Liquid seaweed
any natural product that has beneficial bacteria
Buy rock dust (see my store or google it). Add a small amount (say 1 tablespoon)o frock dust to a gallon water, add 1 cup of the liquid seaweed and  follow instructions for the beneficials or if your using my SS add 1 oz . Spray the entire plant and then pour the remaining liquid around the plant.  Do this once a week for two months.
Buy a good organic rose fertilizer and follow instructions for that. Use that once every two weeks during that same period.
Water as you normally would.

in two months you will know if there is any signs of life. If after two months nothing. Dont give up yet!. I would leabve it alone for another month. If nothing then one last thing you can do to be sure it is dead and that is to scrape a small bit off the bark and see if it is still green under neath, if it is still green then it is still alive and give it more time.
good luck and keep your aunt away from your roses!


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