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QUESTION: For two years my rose bushes flower to start with but then nothing. I have trimmed them and have tried to do so to the five leave point but there is only 8 leaves. HELP!!!!!!

Please explain to me  the following
What are you feeding them?
are they near a lawn?
are you organic?

the above makes a difference to me and to the roses

perhaps you are giving them too much high nitrogen?
that would stop them from flowering

maybe near a lawn would do the same thing

what you are feeding your roses can determine how well they flower
try a good organic rose food
also i would not prune at all till it is time for winter pruning.not sure but i think you are over pruning them too.

does this help?
I am here for you..

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have always used minimal grow on them. Yes they are next to the lawn. The lawn is fed every month the same as always. They flower unreal to start with and then it is all very healthy leaves. They almost all have eight leaves however on each grouping. 6k51a

You can either move the rose away from the lawn or start feeding the lawn (and the roses) with organic fertilizers.
High nitrogen will cause many problems not to mention it stops plants from blooming and yes eight leaves means it is still growing from the high nitrogen. Give it a month or two to start see buds and the flowers. Do not prune at all the first year. Let it grow naturally then learn some good pruning methods before you prune.


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