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Roses/Rose flowers wilting before blooming


I bought a rose called Sonia.  It was about 2 feet high. Had couple of buds.  They bloomed for a day or so and then wilted.
Soon,  I had aphids.  Which I treated with an infusion of garlic and dish soap.
Another round of aphids,  this time I treated with neem oil spray. The plant would have loads of blooms each flower would last a day max and then wilt off.

Finally I had it planted into the ground.  The plant sent up a profusion of new growth.  But the problem still remains.  Each and every bud turns brown within a day.... Without ever blooming.  I live in zone 7. The roses are planted  facing east. I use Miracle Grow bloom booster once every 15 days.  They are planted in a bed next to a lawn,  that gets fertilized once a month.  

And now the lower leaves have yellow to brown tips.  Am I over watering?

Please help.

It's a disease that some Roses get
Stop using the MG Bloom booster
Start using a balanced organic rosť fertilizer
Apply rock dust for minerals, compost and mulch.
Control over head watering
Allow plant to dry in between watering
Spray with the following
1 cup milk in gallon water will provide calcium
You should get some liquid seaweed and spray that.
Spray several times per week.
Give it a good pruning for new growth.

Stop fertilizing your lawn with a chemical lawn fertilizer and start using a organic lawn fertilizer instead.
High nitrogen is your main problem.


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