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Roses/water needs for rosa damascena


I am starting a fairly large rosa damascena orchard. will use drip irrigation. will use one year old cutlings bare roots. summers here are long (5 months no rain). soil is loam.
i need to have a feel about water requirements the first 3 years (each 7-10 days) per plant so I can plan accordingly.
I thank you very much for your opinion.

ANSWER: Water requirements will depend on your weather.
if it is normally dry and hot, it will require more water then if it was not as hot or dry.
You will need to adjust it so that it is dry for a day or two then gets watered.
The length of time off will vary according to the time of year and other factors. You should allow the roses to get a good watering enough so that it drips but not over soaked.

How high is it that will determine watering too.
With a drip system you can regulate the watering really well.
however you have not mentioned drainage.

you mention 7-10 day. Are you planning on only watering every 7-10 days?

if so, again that depends on drainage, temp, wind, heat.

is the drip on top of the soil?

you know if you had the drip deeper into the ground , water is less and will last longer?
are you using any type of compost? Mulching?

What are you fertilizing with?

I will be waiting for your reply


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Andy for your time
1. Temperature in the summer season (could get to 5  months without rain) is between 70 and 90 F. No winds during these months. Soil drains well. Loamy. Not sandy. Water doesnot sit in during winter rains.
2. Taking cue from experience with few dozen rosa  damascena planted 3 years ago, one watering every 7-10 days seemed sufficient. Was using hosewater then. Since this is now a fairly large project with almost 3000 roses, i need to have a good estimate of water needed.Mulching at the base of 3000 roses could be pretty difficult (and expensive). Do you think tHere is  financial justification? What type of mulch is best for roses? Would appreciate your opinion. As for fertilizing,  no plans yet, but will start it  after first year of planting. Just got results of soil analysis: rich soil. Land has not been planted for 40 years.
3. I have not considered the subsurface drip irrigation wsystem, but am eager to read your opinion.

Thank you so much.

mulch should not be expensive
you should be able to make it yourself for free from your local resources.
almost anything that is natural that protects the soil from the sun and holds water longer.

if you are not having a water control problem and appear to be getting water year round, a drip is not needed but with current climate changes, you would be better off in the long run to have a drip system, especially one that is below ground. I understand costs, so again making your own mulch from recycled leaves, wood shavings, etc would go a long way. You can also make your own fertilizers from your local resources.
Perhaps you can tell me more about where you live

are there any other rose growers around?
if so talk with them

hope this helps



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