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I would like to transplant 2 mature Rose of Sharon plants. They are both about 15 years old.One is 9 ft the other about 12. Is now (November)the best time for Massachusetts? How much should I prune them. Thank You

I am assuming that these have or wintered before?
If so treat them this winter like you would normally(prune etc.)
then at the first sign of spring, dig the holes where you want them to be.
Make sure the location has 8 hrs sun exposure, no wind, good drainage.
The hole should be a little bit bigger than the size of the root ball of the plants.
You should add 1 part compost, 1 part of the soil you have and 1 part earthworm castings.
At the bottom, you should add a cup of an organic rose fertilizer. Fill a little bit of the soil mix to cover about 1 inch. The hole should be deep enough so that when you take out the root ball and when you place it, the levels of the soil will end up the same. Carefully try to take out the plant with as much root ball as possible then put into the new hole and add enough soil to fill but to beyond the previous level. Pat down with your feet to compress soil.Add a little water to soak it. The top layer should be a mulch like an azalea/gardenia mix. Again only a thin layer as you do not want to fill it up the rose trunk or it will die.
place a drip line at base, with 2 drips heads. Water regular and spray with liquid seaweed then with whatever you have been using before the move.
let me know if this helps



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