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Ants Eating my Rose buds.
Ants Eating my Rose bu  
We planted a rose bush, similar to a "fire and Ice" colored rose.  It is white on the inside but red/pink outlines on the petals.  It is the most fragrant rose I have ever smelled.  This week I noticed that there are ANTS, NOT Aphids, eating my rose buds.  I don't know what to put on the rose bush to get rid of them.  If they continue I will not have anything left at all.  I do not know where their nest is.  I need help.  I have attached PROOF that they are ants not another pest.  I have several more pictures if this is not proof enough.  Every website I have read has clearly stated that Ants cannot eat roses, well I am not imagining them.  PLEASE HELP!

yes are can be a big problem.
Here is how I avoid ants eating my roses.
I make the roses very healthy. I make sure they hace a very high Brix ant problem.

what are you feeding the roses?
Do not tell me Miracle Grow?
Are you using compost?
Are you using organic fertilizers?
what about rock dust?

no to any of the above and you will have ants!

What to do now?

start the above asap.
find a good organic mineral spray like Superseaweed
try rock dust like

to keep ants off
try any of the following
1. spray the whole plant with garlic. Should use until they are goner and not all the time because the roses will smell of garlic!
2. you can spray with cold brew coffee. Try 8 oz cold brew to gallon water. Same problem with coffee so use when needed and not all the time.
3. control the ants by using natural ant control methods try my book
4. avoid high nitrogen fertilizers

this should get you started

any questions?



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