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Roses/Arabic jasmine disease


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I have an Arabic jasmine and it is very healthy but on the back of the leaf there is little tiny white flies. Also the plant is now turning yellow. Does that mean something is wrong with it??

Well, it means that you are not paying attention to
1: soil  health of the soil is very important. Are you applying rock dust, compost and an acid mulch?  Do you know what your soil pH is? if it is too high, nutrients will not be fully available.
2: what are you feeding the plant? Are you organic?  High nitrogen will only stress out the plant and in turn it will get attacked.
3: Plant is lacking trace minerals especially calcium. Try going organic.
4: you can kill the whiteflies in several ways.....
       1.. use garlic.. either buy garlic juice or make yourself buy 8 oz crushed garlic put into pantyhose, squeeze out the juice add 1 gal water.
       2.. coffee will kill them too. Get cold brew coffee add 8 oz cold brew to gal water.
       3.. plain hot water will kill them also without hurting the plant
5: be sure you plant healthy seeds or plants since genetics play an important role in how strong and healthy the plant is.

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