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When my grandparents both past away a year apart, I transplanted my grandmothers prized knock out roses to my mothers house.  Now to tell it, I built my grandmothers flower beds with cotton seed mill few years before and these bushes as all there plants took off like crazy.  When transplanting, to my mothers house the soil wasn't the same.  Both houses were shaded.  Only 1 out of 4 survived for almost a year.  So I replaced the others with new knock out roses in various colors.  They looked great for a while. This year they seem to be dying off the same way.  They have all lost leaves, no new growth at all and just plain dying.  It started last year and I have pruned back but nothing seems to work.  Is there any fertilizer I should put on these to get them to come back and or spray that may help.  I do not see any mold, spider mites, or aphids.  I have hibiscus for years and know about these issues in great detail and have not had as many issues as with these bushes.  As I live in Central Louisiana and they should do great, but do not know how to correct the issue.  Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you

you def are having a problem.
You said both soils not the same.
I would take out the roses and completely redo the soil with a good organic potting soil mixed with live compost. to which a small amount of any type of organic fertilizer with the microbes then replant the roses.
This would give you a good foundation to see what is wrong with the roses. Chances are it is the soil. Doing this will make sure it is not the soil and maybe something else.
You mentioned that the area is shaded? Roses need at least 6 hrs of light to properly grow. How much light are they getting now? That is a problem if the area is too dark. probably light is very different between homes? Make sure they are getting enough light. I don't think you would be over watering? Since you have grown roses  before but make sure you are not over or underwatering. Good Drainage?

As for fertilizers to use, just buy any organic fertilizer for roses. There are many on the market and easy to find on the internet. I would also use a good organic foliar spray lie my Superseaweed or you can use compost tea. You do use compost, right?

Other then the above, I would probably try out some new roses and see if just maybe the ones you have are getting too old?

hope this helps you. Feel free to reply and we vcan work this out togther.....


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