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Roses/Black spot?


cj wrote at 2010-05-15 05:54:26
if you're going to buy fertilizer for any number of garden sweeties, i use and recommend espoma products.  the are organic, and cover everything from roses to tomatoes to citrus to camelias,  most widely know is probably hollytone.  

molly's owner wrote at 2013-04-29 23:37:35
Thank you for the tip  about the baking soda! I want to try the cornmeal but am afraid it will give my dog a reason to dig!


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Rose Gardening -- I grow about 50 roses in my Long Island, N.Y. garden, and that's still not enough. My favorites are heavy on fragrance and long vase life. I really love rare and unusual roses -- brown and blue -- and old damasks and bourbons. They are so worth the trouble. And what trouble these beauties can be. Black spot, white spot, Japanese beetles, aphids. Since indoor bouquets are important, I make sure my Roses are pesticide- and chemical-free. Some people sprinkle rose petals on summer salads. I prefer them in a vase.


Besides degrees in related fields, I work as a docent at our local botanical gardens -- but it's the years of hands on work in the garden where the real knowledge is put to the test.

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