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Rowing/2k erg times


saasee wrote at 2013-01-05 22:00:09
I a2m about your height and weight and as a 16 year old I dropped my 2k from 8.15 to a 7.32 in one season, what I did was very simple, in practice I pushed under than the rest o the crew and i also added a extra session on pretty much every day, of a six min warm-up then a thirty min erg rating 20-22 and pulling around a 2.15, I found that they got easier in less than 2 weeks.

Another painless way to add some aerobic training spending on your location etc is to bike or run to practice as an extra warm-up, like 2 miles or so is manageable.


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Annie Porter


I can mainly answer questions about girls high school lightweight and open weight crew, not so much scholarships, but more how you're doing compared to other crews. I am less good with boys high school teams, but I know the basics. I know alot about coxswains too


Rowed for 5 years in high school, lightweight and later open weight, and I definitely considered coxing.

ROWED! No courses, just experience

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