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Rowing/Improving times, stamina and being leightweight?


Graham Cawood wrote at 2014-03-28 03:09:09
What do you mean by 'excel'?   The mere fact that you look after your body by exercising at sculling, on land or water, makes you a winner. You probably don't have the muscles of the others, so it becomes a challenge to use those you have efficiently.Little things like getting heels down quickly, not straightening back or arms, using the feather to drive the boat, mean you have more energy to put into the water. Do you entrain your breathing?.

Stamina. Scull or exercise every!!!!! day. You don't need stamina to sit down to breakfast or other routines. Erging is great because it is measureable, and you might like to add heart rate to your log book entry. Boatwork isn't as measureable, except for distance. Each outing should be hard enough to raise a sweat.

No 1 fitness tool?   Your bedroom mirror. Look at you after your shower!. If you are happy with what you see, and the way you are looking after YOU, you are a WINNER. Be proud.

Why not take up single sculling. Perhaps get your own boat. Then do what you love when and how YOU want, in a boat rigged just for you.

Have fun.  


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I can mainly answer questions about girls high school lightweight and open weight crew, not so much scholarships, but more how you're doing compared to other crews. I am less good with boys high school teams, but I know the basics. I know alot about coxswains too


Rowed for 5 years in high school, lightweight and later open weight, and I definitely considered coxing.

ROWED! No courses, just experience

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