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our reservation # is 1931618 for 6:00 dining we just booked my mom # 1544686 and they say she is waitlisted and dining is 8:30 she is with us and we want these reservation linked together and she needs table with us 3 only not setting with anyone else I have talked to 4 people and keep getting told cannot link her reservation that cruise is 10months away how could it be full for 6:00 can we please get some help here on this.....

Hi there .... It is entirely possible that the 6pm (early) dining is full despite being 10 months before cruise time. But the good news is that because this is quite some time before sailing, she will more than likely clear the waitlist. If either of these bookings were booked within a "group" booking, then you have been told correctly in that she cannot be linked to your booking. Because the early dining is waitlisted, there is no way she could be linked to your booking, due to the waitlisted status. As soon as that waitlist clears, she can then be linked. Also keep in mind that your desire to sit at a table for three is merely a request and not guaranteed. The maitre d' of the ship does final seating layout but makes every effort to fulfill requests when possible.
It will be to check on the waitlist status of your mom and as soon as it clears, have your agent cross reference both bookings for dining and request your table for three. If your mom booked with a different agent than you, have her cross reference your reservation as well..... Just a second buffer for a cross reference trick !

In closing, we send our prayers to all those affected by recent tornadoes in your state and hope you personally were not affected.  

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