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Paul Mc Veigh wrote at 2012-11-17 01:30:58
Mark i am about to blow your mind beyond belief Clonalis House is the Ancestral Home of the High Kings of Ireland and there is no doubt of the legitimacy of the claim to my total disbelief there is a O Connor /  O Conor Family a live and well living in the house i have just informed you of and are indeed the direct family of the Great High  King of Ireland and why they have not been restored to there rightful place i do not understand. Please Mark you must visit this site you will be blown out of the water with the History of this most Royal of Irish Family,s and do please share this information with every one on your site they will belive you because you are an expert. Just visit Clonalis House Ancestral Home of the O, Conors you will be amazed Paul

Mark Smith wrote at 2012-11-19 21:59:27
I have looked at the site and it answers all your questions, I must admit I knew nothing about this. My fig leaf defence is that you asked about descendents of Rory O'Connor, the genealogy of the O'Connor's shows that his direct line died out with his grandson, the line today descends from his brother.

I doubt if the political parties in Ireland would take kindly to someone claiming the title of High King, especially as the claimant lives in Sussex.

jimbo wrote at 2013-07-22 17:08:32
The direct descendant of Rory O Connor is the present O Connor Don who lives in England.


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