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Hi. This is Joyce. I just wrote to you about Will and Kate's baby.

anyway, this morning when watching the morning news, they were talking about the birth and all the formality involved.

Does the Royal Family have a bottle of "stiff pills"? Are they afraid to show emotion for some reason? Maybe they think lightning will strike if they even 'act' human?

I can't believe that when the baby is born (or expected to be born) that the Queen won't see Kate in the hosp because it would interfere with her vacation! You'd think she'd want to see her first great grand baby. Which I hope is a girl.

Hi Joyce,

I think that the Queen comes from a generation of royals that do not put their feelings on display at the drop of a hat. Having said that, there have been times where the Queen has dropped her guard and let her emotions show. When the Royal Yacht Britannia was decommissioned in 1997 she was seen to be crying during the ceremony. The yacht held a lot of personal memories for her family.

More recently at a service for the Diamond Jubilee at St Paul's Cathedral she attended without Prince Philip who was in the hospital. She seemed to be wiping away a tear during the service. On a happier note, today she became the first monarch in British history to have a horse win the Gold cup at Royal Ascot. Her excitement and happiness was obvious to people watching her reaction.

She is not completely immune from showing emotion in public, but unlike Diana, she is not the type to wear her heart on her sleeve and hug people. It doesn't make her any less human.

As for whether she will visit Kate in hospital after she gives birth, it is entirely possible that she may do that. When Prince William was born in 1982 she visited Charles and Diana and the new baby in the hospital. I don't think she did that with Harry or any of her other grandchildren but given the significance of this birth, we may just see the Queen visiting the Lindo wing yet again.

Thanks for your question.


PS: I too hope it is a girl! :)  


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