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Hello Professor Smith,

I am a journalist for the Colombian magazine Semana. I am writing an article on the supposed remarriage of Sarah Ferguson and the Duke of York. Since they left together for Balmoral, the press has pretty much been assuring that they will be getting back together.

I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on the subject.

Do you think that Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew are getting back together? If they did get back together, what consequences could it have for the royal family?

What can you tell me about the very particular relationship they have? They are divorced but live together and vacation together…

Why exactly is it that the Duke of Edinburgh doesn’t like Ferguson?

Thank you so much for your time and help. Best,

Daniella Mendoza
Revista Semana

Hello Daniella.
Sorry I'm so slow answering this, I went away for a few days but forgot to mark myself absent.
I honestly don't know if they're getting back together ot not, it would be great if they did; but there have been no previous instances in British history of divorced Royal couples re-marrying, so it would be a dramatic first. Both Prince Andrew and Sarah have matured since their divorce, especially Sarah, so the marriage could work very well second time round.  
They appear to be very good friends and share more than their devotion to their two daughters, they've been on good terms for years.
I suspect Prince Philip blames her for the breakdown of their marriage and the heartache it caused his son. Sarah didn't quite behave as a Royal Duchess should and he can't forgive her for that. It has been suggested that a re-marriage will only take place after Prince Philip's death.


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