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Bess wrote at 2012-12-18 00:46:24
I am the reincarnation of Elizabeth I of England, Ireland and Wales.  I appreciate your yearning to be that of myself but I assure you that I am the queen.  Perhaps you were my sister Mary or Mary of Scotland?  Or perhaps one of father's wives whom would have known me for then.  I assure you, with all the unhappiness I have had; I would not wish for you to endure it.  God Speed.  Bess

Ericka wrote at 2016-10-27 14:37:30
I wish to clarify this! I went under past life regression and lived that life as HRH Queen Elizabeth I ! The who session was recorded! Now I do believe in aspects of each life shared as well as memories! We are all souls for which we are connected to the infinite! That being said, we impart learn from our journeys as well as others! I have memories of that life time that used to come in dreams as if a piece of a huge puzzle! If she believes she is Elizabeth then she must have had shared memories with myself and others! It's a journey and we all need to move on and learn from it to make our present and tomorrow's a healing and a better karma! Thank you! E


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