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Hello Nick I know you said you specialize in forward position but I was wondering if you could give me a general thought of which position I would be a good fit at. I'm 5'8 217 muscle and fat, I play football as FB/RB and LB so I'm pretty fit and fast. Last season I played Centre and another back position. My club gets looked at by a college in Massachusetts so I wanna make sure I can get a position that I'll fit into. Do you think that would be my best fit or am I better suited for another?

Hi there, I have to assume your club team has a coach, right? Did the coach put you at center and what was his feedback?

I would stick to one position for a while - at least 2 or 3 seasons.

Also if you aren't already, try to watch a lot of pro rugby. If you don't get it on TV try Youtube.

Take actual notes of what the centers are doing and try to incorporate that into your game.

Make and practice some moves and calls with your back line.

Remember to look across the field during a game and look for patterns and holes in their defence - run into the holes and look for drawing a player and pasing or off loading out of the tackle - tell your team mates to expect that as well.  


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I can answer most questions in detail but I am best used for "Forward" positions especially the "tight 5" and the scrum. I am a front row guy myself. I have good knowledge of game strategy and tactics. I cannot give detailed help with kicking myself but I can suggest general training applications and point you towards good resources. I am a New Zealander living in Southern California, USA. With regard to fitness or weight training: please understand that you are best going to a gym and getting first hand consultation from a qualified trainer. The risk of injury is too great for me to simply give you a program without being able to analyze your fitness or capabilities in person. I really suggest going through my previously answered questions as well. The most common repeat questions refer to tackling.


I have played rugby from the age of 5 (I am 41 now) I have played "Premier" rugby in New Zealand, London, California, Colorado. I have coached youth, Mens and Womens rugby.

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