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I am a fifteen year old girl from New Zealand who is looking to play rugby this upcoming winter. I am having trouble with which position I should play as many people have suggested many different positions. I am quite small and petite I guess, but I can throw my weight around. I'm 5'4, 54.7kgs. I can drive about 80-90kgs by myself, and thats why I am having trouble with positions. My build is for a back, but my strength could be used in the forwards. I havent played rugby before due to injuries, and I am an average runner, nothing special.

Hi Chloe,

Thanks for trusting me with your question.

I am going to put size and strength aside a little. I would ask myself a couple of questions:

1. If I was able to choose my most desired position which would it be?
2. Am I capable of being good at this position now?
If yes to both play it, no matter what it is.

If you are the "wrong" size for the position you like play it anyway - having passion for it will make you better than a "normal" sized player with none.

You may change positions once or twice between now and your twenties or more. It's good for you as you learn more aspects of the game. Also if you are open to playing outside of your preferred position you'll likely get more game time.

Positions are really only made specialized by set pieces. In open play all players need to be able pass, catch, run good lines and defend. Wingers need to be able to clear out a ruck or steal ball at the break down as well as a flanker. Work on overall skills first worry about the position you play in second. As you progress in your playing career this reverses.

The best position usually finds you.  

All the best


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I can answer most questions in detail but I am best used for "Forward" positions especially the "tight 5" and the scrum. I am a front row guy myself. I have good knowledge of game strategy and tactics. I cannot give detailed help with kicking myself but I can suggest general training applications and point you towards good resources. I am a New Zealander living in Southern California, USA. With regard to fitness or weight training: please understand that you are best going to a gym and getting first hand consultation from a qualified trainer. The risk of injury is too great for me to simply give you a program without being able to analyze your fitness or capabilities in person. I really suggest going through my previously answered questions as well. The most common repeat questions refer to tackling.


I have played rugby from the age of 5 (I am 41 now) I have played "Premier" rugby in New Zealand, London, California, Colorado. I have coached youth, Mens and Womens rugby.

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