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Hello,Im am Louis Taljaard and Im 17 years old and 5feet*9.My weight is 66kg (about 145 pounds).I play  for the 2nd team wing, but my  coach says I must switch to 13(outside center).I have no experience playing outside center,please help.My coach says to me I wil makea killer 13.But please I need help with my speed and skills,and help me to make be great outside center.

Hi Louis,

So sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

I am surprised your coach has said you'll be a good outside center without you knowing why. My first tip would be, ask for a talk after/before training to go over the position and ask him/her directly what his expectations are. Take what you know about the position with you in written notes. It will show that you are doing your part to learn.

There is a lot to playing center and being the fastest is not essential. What is? - running good attacking lines, support play, opening gaps and drawing defenders for an off load to a team mate as well as great defense are the key tasks.

Focus on those first. For more detail I suggest printing out the link below and adding your own notes to it.

The next level is using kicking over and through the oppositions defensive line to kick and collect or kick to set your team mate(s) up for attacking options. Watch a lot of rugby and focus on the centers - copy what they do.

Good luck and all the best. Try to look at this a fun new challenge - don't be afraid to make mistakes and try new things. Center is about being creative. Have fun with it.  


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