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Rugby/Tips for a 16 year old winger


Kingstone Martz Canterbury RFC wrote at 2007-07-03 08:03:30
The wing can be the most fun position in the rugby field; especially if one is having a good game and the fans are spurring one on. However, the sidelines can divert attention (e.g. a fan shouting abuse, etc).

Remember rugby is a team sport. As a wing, one should play a commanding as well as supporting role. On break-downs, the wing should be willing to secure the ball if the forwards are not there. Also, one cannot afford to miss tackles as your opposite number will gain speed and confidence, making him harder to stop.

As the most mobile player on the pitch, a wing is often isolated and may find himself against three opponents. The best thing to do is learn to stay on your feet until support comes.

Also, a wing should be able to hold onto any ball that you get (because usually you get little ball but if you can use it, you will be a hero) Fielding catches, running in straight lines (or slight angles) and side-stepping are all tools in the wing's arsenal. But one should remember that the wing's greatest assets are their speed and acceleration.

Avoid knock-ons, they may infuriate your support and you may end up getting no ball at all. Keep encouraging the forwards, but do not micro-manage them (forwards respond negatively to this). It's a team try, even if you ran half the pitch to score.

Oh, and one more thing, make sure you enjoy the game. Even if the rest of the team are having a bad game, if you work hard and do your job, you may actually inspire some better performance.

Regis mare wrote at 2012-02-05 20:56:57
(Regis tj mare ) 4rm Zimbabwe these methods are very beneficial especially on the sidesteping part guys work on your ankles to avoid bieng badly injured this might even end your career

Jason wrote at 2013-06-08 00:29:31
To increase your chances of scoring as an individual attacking winger you require at least 2 ways to beat an opposing player...


The Sidestep, left & Right


The Fend, left & right.

To Increase your chances of scoring and Ratio of tries per game there are more individual techniques you can add to those.

I emphasize individual because there are even more variables you can add when you create combinations with other team mates to increase your chances of scoring or beating your opposition.

But it is always good to have your own individual skill sets as a foundation for any attacking and defending situation. It also makes you attractive to selectors, potential clubs, and other team mates to create devastating, dangerous combinations.

These are a list of extra individual attacking techniques you can add to your weaponry.


The Kick n Chase


The (Classic) Swerve���� & Out or In & Away


The ( opposite) to the swerve���� Inside Cut


The Front Bump


The Side Bump, both left & right



Note: I listed speed last because I have seen wingers who are not so fast score many tries because they utilized many of these skills, plus they had great combinations with their centers, fullbacks, and 5/8s but that򳠡nother topic. So you don򴠨ave to be extremely fast to play wing, but it does increase your chances of scoring and success.  


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