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Rugby/is it dangerous?


"Doc" the Yank Rugger wrote at 2013-05-20 15:24:00
Hear him! Hear him! Huzzah!

Well spoken, Brother Shepard.

Played for 20 years in England and USA. Coached for 5 years.

Fact: American Football and American competitive Cheerleading (yes, I said cheerleading) have more "serious" injuries (intracranial, neck, spinal cord, fracture or surgery requiring) per capita than Rugby. (Source- American College of Sports Medicine

As my esteemed colleague said above fitness, proper technique and sportsmanship prevents Rugby from being more "dangerous" than any other contact sport.

When played properly it is a tough but elegant and exhilarating experience.

I never feel more alive than when my scrummy calls me in to crash off a ruck, setting a perfect maul.

Rugby is awesome.


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