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We operate a Sports Bar/Family Restaurant with a considerably large menu. We serve everything from Wings to a huge selection of burgers.

We have 25 HD TV's and provide the full sports bar experience.

We have always considered putting out snacks at the bar and on the tables (Peanuts etc...) but we've refrained because we feel we are potentially costing ourselves food sales from our menu.

Are there numbers that show that profitability will still be there because patrons eating a salty snack will help beverage sales to offset the cost of the loss in food sales?

I want to start serving salty snacks free at the bar but I'm catching resistence from some managers and employees because of the concern for lost food sales.

Advice? Thanks - Darren

Hello Darren,
Your question is always one that gets asked and unfortunately every operation seems to be different.  I myself personally do not like to put snacks out for the reasons you mentioned...what I do like to do is have a short list of salty snacks for a VERY low price to compliment your regular food menu.  This offers a better selection of snacks to your guests, ensures that the dreaded cross contamination of multiple hands in the dish of nuts/pretzels does not happen, and will serve as a break-even to the cost of the snacks.  Make your money on the food, promote your bar business with the snack list.

Hope this helps

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