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can i do some pasta, pizza, burger etc with a 100 sq feet kitchen if i want to operate a fast food at a food court

Hi Jason,

In a food court operation they key factors are speed, consistency and price. Smaller the outlet more focused it needs to be. Because more menu categories you add, the more ingredients you need, more manpower and more space. menu breadth may give you variety but because of other constraints you may not be able to specialize.

They key question is why do you need to have a wider choice. Do you think the demand may not be enough to fulfill the needs of a small operations.

Having said that, it can be done. Pasta, pizza and burger have an affinity and are a popular combination. but there will be tradeoffs.

I imagine that staff personnel will have separate lockers away from the kitchen and you administrative needs will be served by an offiste space.

You will need to consider which products will be made by you. eg will you make buns or buy buns or make fresh pizza base or use par baked pizza, ready made sauce or freshly made sauce.

You will also need to consider cooking method and equipment which will need less space and will be multipurpose. a choice between combin oven, high speed microwave or pizza oven. a combi oven will allow you to carry out bake and grill operations. a high speed microwave will allow you to make pasta without the need for a gas range. You need multipurpose equipment bacase of less space and because you need a really fast operation.

To bring clarity to your project make a concept plan keeping in mind You, Your customer and Your Product. This will help you crystalise your thoughts. be clear what you will be famous for! From  here make your menu and identify cooking operations. This will help you to identify equipment selection and the use of convenience food.

make a product and revenue mix and you will be able to identify the number of units to be sold of each menu item or category. it may surprise you that the numbers are not high enough to warrant several categories. either way it will help you plan better and allocate resources to each category.  

Remember fast food operations you need to Simplify! Keep in mind Speed! Consistency! and Price! as key value drivers.

Hope this helps!


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